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An overview to our Clinic

Dr. Uttam Skin & Hair – Centre for advanced dermatology is a unique dermatology institute dedicated to delivery of world class advanced skin and cosmetic treatments to all sections of patients. Contrary to the popular belief that skin departments and clinics are small units, the centre is housed in a specious independent building of over 4200 sq ft( with four floors), and provides advanced dermatology care, (such as phototherapy, including targeted phototherapy, dermatopathology, allergy etc) cosmetic dermatology procedures( such as Botox, fillers, peels etc) ,cosmetic surgery (such as hair transplantation, liposuction), lasers of different types, and aesthetics. The institute has Dr. Uttam Lenka as director, four dermatologists, a plastic surgeons and anesthetist are consultants. All the dermatology staff have teaching experience and have experience in different fields in dermatology. There are 7 nurses, two lab assistant, five secretaries, one office coordinator, pharmacist, one office boy, security, driver and three ayahs as staff. The center has a laboratory with histopathology facility and a pharmacy .The institute has five computers, with fax, networking, soft ware for patient data and accounts, and broad band internet connection, UPS and generator facility. The institute runs continuously from 8.30 am till evening 8.00 pm and on Sundays between 9 am till 12.30 pm. The building has electronic security . The institute attracts patients from around the world for advanced cosmetic procedures. The staff of the institute have achieved over 130 publications and presentations in national and international journals and conferences, and authored 7 books so far.


Our daily outpatient attendance is about 60-70 patients. We have reception area which is service by three receptionists at all times. The registration of patients is computerized. There are three waiting areas for patients to allow comfortable seating. Television and worldpspace music are provided in the reception area. Separate toilets for men and women, drinking water facilities are available. A computer kiosk is available for patient education. Health education brochures, posters, books and CDs are prominently displayed. All our staff have been trained to provide counseling. A nutritionist is available on call.

We also organize special clinics on on phototherapy, psoriasis, hair, acne, obesity and leucoderma.General clinics are run daily, wherein patients are seen by our registrars. We organize a special clinic for poor patients called Shraddah where in service provided at a nominal cost.


We are known for our expertise in procedural dermatology. There are as many as five procedures( including one major operaton theatre, two minor theatres, two laser rooms) . A number of procedures are performed daily; these include general dermatology procedures such as biopsies, minor laboratory procedures such as smears, stains, trichoscans and trichograms, excisions, electrocautery, radiofrequency, cryosurgery, iontophoresis etc. Four phototherapy machines( including targeted phototherapy) make our phototherapy department one of the best equipped departments. Specialized aesthetic procedures such as lasers, chemical peels, microdermabrasions, Botulinum toxin, fillers, sclerotherapy, etc are also performed regularly . Our centre is wellknown for advanced surgical procedures such as hair transplantation and liposuction, which are performed daily and patients from all over the world visit us. A unique feature is that we perform all types of vitiligo surgery( including the latest basal cell suspension methods).


The centre has a laboratory to perform all routine hematological and biochemical investigations. The centre has two microscopes . 


The centre has a pharmacy in the building. Facilities for preparation of different creams and ointments exist.

Nursing Staff:

We are staffed by 7 qualified nurses, who are well trained in dermatological nursing.


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