It’s a hair follicle disorder, characterised by spiny black papules containing multiple fine hairs, greatly resembling blackheads/pimples.

Each blackhead like point, when observed under a magnifying glass or dermatoscope, contains 5-25 fine hairs.

This condition is most commonly presented in the Nose.

Other sites of appearance may include – Scalp, Hand, Chest etc.

It can be easily confused with Blackheads/pimples, and the patient may apply multiple creams for it’s resolution. However, Trichostasis spinulosa cannot be treated with any medicated cream.


Any age group, and both males and females can be affected.


Most notable symptom in Trichostasis spinulosa are the cosmetic concerns that the patient usually presents with.

Otherwise, it is asymptomatic.


Trichostasis spinulosa occurs due to growth of multiple telogen club hairs from a single hair follicle.

The exact mechanism behind this is not known.


  • Skin damage
  • Other skin diseases
  • Aging etc.


  • It can be diagnosed by a dermatologist by simple clinical examination.
  • Dermatoscopy (magnification) is useful in diagnosis.
  • No other tests are required.


  1. The fine hairs/hair follicles can be removed by tweezers or comedon extractors.
  2. Plucking, Waxing& Nose strips can also help in removing the hair follicles.

However, by the above methods of treatment, there are high chances of recurrence.

Therefore, other methods such as :-

  • Advanced hair removal laser treatment, combined with
  • Retinoid cream (Trentinoin) can be used for long lasting results.