Becker’s Nevus

Becker’s Nevus

You may have seen that in children of 13 to 14 years of age, there is sudden appearance of one or more black spots, with hair growing out of it.

Initially the hair is thin but gradually thickens with growth. This is called Becker’s nevus.

EPIDEMIOLOGYIt is more common in males than in females, and it appears mostly in the shoulder region, although it may appear anywhere in the body. Normally it is present singularly, but more than one spots are also seen in many people.


It is said to be caused by the influence of male hormones, although the exact cause is unknown.

Histological examination of the skin in that area has shown that the melanocytes in that area become hyperactive, and produce more than the normal amount of melanin pigment, which causes black spots.


Diagnosis can be done by clinical examination by a dermatologist.


Becker’s Nevus is not a serious condition, it appears in 13 to 14 years of age, increases in size for almost 2 to 3 years, and gradually stops growing with time.

There are still no hundred percent satisfactory treatment options for Becker’s nevus. However, laser treatment has shown positive results in many patients.

There are many creams that can be prescribed. Usually, there are no side effects, although very rarely becker’s nevus is associated with melanoma (skin cancer) but the percentage of such patients is very low.

Therefore, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist for its further treatment.

Blog by: Dr. Uttam Kumar Lenka, Consultant Dermatologist. Kolkata.