Various treatment for hair fall

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Hair Fall or Hair Loss:

The first thing is to identify that it is a hair fall or a hair loss. Hair fall is a natural process, and about 10-30 strands of hair fall daily. This helps in the regeneration of fresh new and healthy hair. However, if the amount of hair fall is more than 100 or if the density decreases and there is visible receding hair,  we can call this a case of hair loss, and it is a time to consult a trichologist.

First Step To Prevent Hair Fall:

Hair fall can happen due to many things like stress, anxiety, smoking, and a combination  of other factors such as diet, genetic and environmental factors. The first thing to do is to change our daily routine.

1.  Use Dandruff Shampoo:

For a quick response to the hair fall, you can use antidandruff shampoo twice a week to keep your scalp clean. Sometimes this simple method can cure the hair fall too. If you are using shampoo, then choose sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphate is a kind of detergent that critically weakens the hair and leads to breakage. If you are using the conditioner, then do not use it just after the shower on the wet hair. Make the hair a little dry using the towel and apply the conditioner along the hair’s length. Keep the conditioner for 5-7 minutes and then wash it properly. It is important to note that you have to wash your head properly and make it clean. The scalp should free from shampoo or conditioner. A little shampoo/conditioner on the scalp make you feel irritation itching and helps the hair fall process.

2.  Hair Oil is a Myth:

Sometimes, people say using various kinds of hair oil reduces the hair fall and grows the hair longer. This concept is a myth. Hair oil only lubricates the hair and improve the luster in it. If you are using hair oil, then used it just before two hours of the bath. If you are using hair oil, massage the scalp area, which increases the blood flow at the hair root. This helps to prevent hair fall. You can use hair oil twice a week.

3.  Become Stress Free:

The present world is very random, and peoples are busy in many ways. Due to different situations, they remain under immense stress. Stress and anxiety are a vital cause of the hair fall. It is important to be stress-free and happy.

4.  Healthy Diet:

Diet is essential to keep your body healthy. An improper or neutron efficient diets can cause severe hair loss. Take a proper diet that contains rich in micronutrients, amino-acid, and vitamins. The intake meal must include meat, fish, spinach, vegetables and fruits, and dry nuts. You must choose vegetables and fruits rich in minerals such as zinc, calcium, and iron. These micronutrients in the diet will help to grow healthy hair and reduce hair fall.

5.  Physical Exercise:

Exercise must be included in your daily routine. Doing exercise improves the bold flow throughout the body, including your head scalp too. The blood flow under the scalp increases the oxygen flow, helps grow healthy hair, and reduces hair loss.

6.  Chemicals and Electronics Gadget:

Try to minimize hair colour, bleaching, and electronic gadgets such as hairdryer, hair straightener, and hair curler. You can use them once in six months. Frequently using these stuff exaggerate the hair fall process.